Blast into the past – Italy

As terrible as it might, and probably is sounding as my first blog post is going to be of a series that I’m going to call blast into the past. Anyone who has taken photographs for a long amount of time or is simply very passionate about photography will have tens  of thousands of photographs in their archives, many probably into the hundreds of thousands. With all of these photographs its hard to remember exactly what shots you’ve taken over the past years and for whatever reason you’ll probably have a quick peak at your old photographs. Every once in a while you rediscover a shot that you had taken then and thought wow this one is really good how on earth did i manage to pass this one up. Personally I’ve just been reorganizing all of my files adding taggs and what not to them and every once in a while i passed up an image which i really liked and for some reason or another seemed to have passed up. This series of blogs will cover and showcase those images and I’ll tell you a little bit about them if i can still remember what was going on at the time.  The first few in this series will be a quick flashback to recent vacations I’ve had, later it will be single images.

For the first post i figured it would be fitting to look at the Italy trip that launched my interest in photography


My family and two other families that where friends of ours back from when we lived in the US went to Florance Italy on a two week vacation in the summer of 2007. I’ve always been interested in photography but i would say that it was this vacation that kick started everything. All of the photos where taken using a Nikon Coolpix l3, if i remember correctly its a 5.1mp compact camera. At the time i knew nothing about photography knowing nothing about shutter speed aperture ISO much less what white balance was. All i knew was optical zoom=good digital zoom, not so good. Which served me just fine at the time. Anyway the picture below should give you basic idea as to where it was we stayed.

What impressed me most about Florence might have been the buildings. Living in Rotterdam which damaged quite badly during the second world war all the buildings are relatively new. The city doesn’t have that much feeling to it, couple that with the never ending Grey sky’s and you end up with a rather unattractive city.

There was an interesting event that occurred during the two weeks that we stayed there and that was forest fires. One of which occurred about 100m up the hill from where we were staying.

I’m not going to go into much detail about what happened the rest of the trip or the hundreds of pictures taken. Without further adue I’ll show you what is possibly my favorite picture taken to date which i took by the poolside in Italy. Granted its not perfect but I’m proud of it.


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