Hey isnt that Geert Wilders? (Dutch Politician)

This happened to me the other day. I was walking on a shopping street in Rotterdam with a friend when we look to our left where we see a group of perhaps 20 people. 2 of these people where holding massive video cameras a few more had microphones, it looked like some of the people from there where with the press, then you had about 3 or more bodyguards and in the center of all this mess was a tall middle aged blond haired guy. We stared at him for a good minute thinking we know who this is. He is pretty famous, but who in gods name is he. After a little bit of starring we realized that this guy was in fact Geert Wilders. He has gathered quite a bit of fame here in Holland and has also garnered a bit of fame internationally with the release of an anti-Islamic filmed named Fitma i believe. I personally know very little about him but some of my friends can’t stand him.

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3 Responses to “Hey isnt that Geert Wilders? (Dutch Politician)”

  1. dennis Says:

    yes he has friends, im not one of them but i do like the fact he speeks his mind, we are all so scared to say it as we see it that we are starting to feel prisoners in our own country. Moslims all over the world hate the west and tell us frequently, but if we point at the moslims it becomes world news and we are the rasists. everywere moslims come to live in our countries and then try to over power our believes, why come here in the first place if we are all doing things so wrong???? i think they come here because freedom attracts but hen the want to make it like a moslim state…. wierd no????

    • dmatsui Says:

      To an extent it makes sense. People coming from other countries experience different cultures and traditions then they do in Holland. For this reason they feel like outsiders and to make themselves feel more at home they adapt accordingly. Building mosques could be one example. This is generally seen as acceptable for the right reasons however allowing such situations to occur means you are essentially creating a border between the people living in a country and the people immigrating to that country. I’m guessing this separation and the differences between cultures creates the tension. Now the question is should the dutch, who are essentially the owners of the country, try to combine both dutch and Islamic traditions and customs giving up their own rights to accommodate those who are not used to the way things are run here. You can say its an admirable thing to do especially for a country who is operating under a democracy however there comes a point where the dutch are giving up to much, as the dutch try to struggle for their rights so do the foreigners and you get a conflict of interests. The foreigners being a minority and different can claim that they are being bullied and that makes world news. Because they are different it is seen as discrimination whereas if the same event would take place between the dutch internally the event will attract much less attention. Some people may claim that this is problem is because of the beliefs and attitudes of the Muslims which i personally feel is not the case. I think any religion or ethnic group will encounter the same problems that are faced in Holland if the differences between the two groups are large enough. I’m just speculating here so of course i cannot claim that anything i write is necessarily true but is merely my view upon the current situation.
      The fact that Wilders is addressing this difference is causing allot of commotion which is a shame since as you’ve said in Holland we advocate freedom of speech so this should be possible. That being said though from what i’ve heard the way he addresses this issue is ignorant and should be formulated better.

  2. Agg Says:

    That’s were i got my glasses from! Actually the first day I was wearing my contacts, the first thing I saw was that guy. He really knows how to spoil ones day -___-“

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