Home made Lightbox

I was browsing Strobist, an off camera flash photography blog, the other day when i saw an article about a DIY Macro studio. link It advertised Building a lightbox for under $10. Which roughly convertes to under 6 euros. A lightbox, lightent or Macro Studio, is essentially a container of sorts where you place your subject, depending on the size of the box your subject size will vary but generally these boxes are reserved for smaller sized objects. In otherwords you wont be taking pictures in of your car in one of these anytime soon. In my case the box was built out of a cardboard box, transparent paper, cardboard paper and ductape. The transparent paper serves as a diffuser diffusing light from your light source and the cardboard paper serves as a plain white backdrop.

As you can see in the pictures its clearly not the most beautifull design not helped by the fact that i am absolutly horrendus when it comes to even the most simplest things such as cutting and taping.

One thing that is not apparent in the photographs but is worth mentioning is your light source. There are various ways to illuminate your subjects, these are using speedlights, desklamps or you can use natural lighting. Personally i have been using natural lighting since i have only one speedlight and i am not able to trigger it wireless. This of course comes with its share of disadvantages. Shooting with natural light in a lightbox will, unless using a high ISO, cause you to use shutterspeeds to long to be able to handhold your camera without causing camera shake.  If you couple this for the need to use a relatively small aperture it is possible that you’ll have shutterspeeds exceeding 5 seconds. No matter how steady your hands you will have to use a support to get clear images. This is when you use a tripod or a bean bag. Below are a few more images that i’ve taken with the lightbox.

above: A small lego contraption and a the shoe as seen in the pictures of the lightbox

Dont limit yourself to household object such as Jewelry but the light box can also be used for more or less anything placed inside.

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