Mafia Party Photoshoot

A few weeks ago we (the photo club in my university) were asked to do a photoshoot for a mafia party that would be held in one of the schools dorms, the Roggeveenhof. We of course agreed though in all honesty none of us (there were 4) knew what we were doing.  It was a shot that would be taken at 20:00 at night with the only natural lighting being the streetlights. This meant we had to use our cameras flashes As none of us had any form of external lighting.

I decided to try using a technique called slow sync flash. Which allows me to combine the flash from my camera with the natural lighting, the street lights.  Having not done this before i was unsure of how high i would need to crank the ISO to get decent unblurred shots. It turns out i needed to go with an ISO of 1250 which in the circumstances actually somewhat added to the photos i feel.

Besides the ISO i had additional problems with focusing in such dim conditions and even with the settngs i used the subjects aswell as myself needed to stand very still in order to prevent motion blur. Of course i’m not used to photographing people so this was very new to me. You need to pay extra attention to composistion aswell as the models poses. You have the same thing in nature photography, at least regarding composistion but due to the subjects being different the composistion will need to be somewhat different. Altering your subjects poses however is not possible in nature photography. The Animals dont seem to listen to you when you ask them to move.

As you can see from the above photo we were given permission to use the car as a prop and someone was smart enough to bring a cigaar aswell as a fake gun which looks pretty authentic from a distance.

Overall despite all the difficulties the 4 of us had quite a bit of fun doing this. We spent a good hour or more moving from place to place around town. In the end the pictures were used for promoting their party.

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