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December 28, 2009

My dad and i traveled to Reykjavik Iceland during a short break off of school. Unfortunately this meant    we only had 4 days in Iceland itself but for such a short time we managed to do quite a lot and a lot of what we did was completely new to me. On the first day we came there we settled into our hotel and went out to get dinner. Following my dads travel guide, we ended up in a small building right by the water which sold primarily seafood. It was a very small quaint fishing place littered with old fishing supplies and the obligatory Coca cola fridge filled with modern soft drinks. We sat on small cushioned benches and wooden tables. It was all very tight but that just added to the feel of the place which can only be described by the dutch word “gezellig”.  Atmospheric would be the closest relative in this situation. We ended up eating a soup of sorts it was either a lobster, shrimp, crab soup. Which one i frankly cannot remember but it was not my thing in the first place. What i was curious to try however was the minke whale, which was served on a stick much like you would eat sate.  The taste was interesting though not entirely unusual, it was almost like salty beef. Something i would not mind having again, though nothing i would kill to have again.