Greenpeace Protesting in Middelburg

Today i came out of my statistics class in university and found Greenpeace protesting on Middelburgs old stadhuis(city hall) They essentially climbed on the building hung up a banner and sit there. At the same time there are plenty of volunteers handing out flyers and telling people what is going on. Essentially they were trying to inform people of the plans for a new nuclear power station that is reportedly 5x larger than another nuclear power plant located nearby. It was planed not only to bring attention to the power plant but to inform every one of the political party’s that do not support the building of a new power plant. As you can see the scale of the event was not particularly big nor was there any upset of any kind. The police let them be and besides a few people who stopped to look at what was going on and to ask a few questions.

What you may not be able to see very well from the first picture is a group of 5-6 Greenpeace workers hanging on the building just below the sign. The sign itself reads –  Groeten van een stralend Zeeland, directly translated  “Greetings from a radiating Zeeland” The word Stralend in dutch can mean radiating, as in radioactive substances as well as the suns rays so to speak. Quite frankly it took me a while to understand what was going on. At first glance especially it seems like a rather pleasant scene. At second glance it seems everyone is living with the radiation and is doing well with relatively little effect to the population. In fact the only thing really depicting that radiation is bad are the guy’s  in the suits.

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