Queens Day Middleburg

Queen Beatrix

Living in the Netherlands for about 8 years now it is shocking that i have never actually been to any queens day celebrations of any sort. The first few years living in the Netherlands we went to Denmark, but really for the other years i have no excuses.  Now i move to Middelburg and within less than a year the Queen and her entourage comes right to me.  Ok ok so technically she does not come to me but that’s a minor detail. Either way i woke up today and the sun that had been shinning for about 3 weeks straight was gone. Since the Queen was scheduled to come at 12:00 noon ten overcast sky’s is the easiest way to overcome the harsh midday sun. So in that regard it was actually perfect weather.

As one may expect the town was completely full and finding a spot to stand proved to be rather difficult. A friend of mine from the photography club and I ended up standing on a concrete block to get a better view. Once the queen came that concrete block ended up getting pretty busy. I ended up having to hold on to the flagpole otherwise I would have been forced off of the block. In the end I managed to hang on and get pictures of several people in the Royal family. Truth be told however i really only knew Beatrix (Queen), Willem Alexander (prince) and Maxima (princess).

Queen Beatrix observing a postcard of herself

Princess Maxima

Prince Willem Alexander

Dutch Royalty

For those of you who weren’t aware last year when the queen was in a different city in the Netherlands someone managed to break through the barricade with his car and nearly managed to hit the Royal Family. This meant increased security measures and whilst I am unaware what the security was before hand it was pretty tight today.

Dutch Police

If it wasnt already apparent from some of the backgrounds in the shots above orange is pretty much a requirement on Queens Day in the Netherlands. I went dressed in an orange shirt and someone managed to convince me to buy a rather, excuse my language, gay looking felt cowboy hat. Which of course I wore for the duration of the day.

After the Royal Family had come and gone there was still plenty of stuff to do/see in Middelburg. There were several concerts and i even managed to see some gymnasts.



The main square where the biggest of concerts was held which was incredibly full throughout the day. This is where i saw some guy named Wesley. Who was apparently the winner of the dutch X Factor. I also ended up seeing a group called the Venga Boys who at the time I didn’t know. After listening to some of their songs however I vaguely remember them. They are a group from the 90s and the people who dragged me over to the front row grew up with them. I have to admit though i am rather glad they dragged me over. I’m usually not a big fan of these concerts, big groups of people concert events but they were more than amusing.

Venga Boys

Venga Boys II

Venga Boys III

Venga Boys IV

All in all it was a pretty amusing day. I’m sure tomorrow my arms and legs will be a little sore. I’ve done plenty of walking/standing and carrying around a 1.5kg lens not including Body.  There are more pictures of Queens Day which you can find in my flicker album. The link to my flicker account is in the side bar to the right. If you click on the images a new tab will open where you can view them in a larger size.

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