I just came back from a two-week vacation in northern Umbria (Italy) and as the drive directly from the Netherlands to Umbria was too long we stopped for a few days in Switzerland.

In switzerland we spent most of our time hiking the mountain trails around the area though we also had a day where we went paragliding which was easily one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Apparently we had gotten rather lucky on that particular day and we managed to go all the way to the base of the clouds (which was the highest we were allowed to go) I was told that was around 3,500 meters up. The views from up there were quite obviously incredible and the conditions made it possible to fly over the valley and all the way to the mountains on the other side. To lose altitude my guide suggested we do a number of “tricks”. This involved a continuous turn and my personal favorite when he started rocking the sail to and fro to the point where you could actually see the sail beneath your feet for a number of seconds.

Much to my unfortune I ended up getting ill the following evening (surprisingly however not from the paragliding) and I was unable to partake in the hike the following day and instead spent the day in bed. Luckily however the view from our apartment was incredible and I was able to take some pictures in the mean time


After another many hours of driving from Switzerland we arrived at our destination in northern Umbria. We ended up staying in what was an old church which was complete with hundreds of year old paintings and a gigantic lookout tower, which much to my unfortune was inaccessible. As with many warm weather places we’ve stayed in during summer vacations they had lavender everywhere and plenty of insects to photograph within the flowers.

About every other day we choose a city to visit and in the end we saw many different things in the area. Of the more interesting items we experienced was the jazz fest in Perugia, watching the world cup between The Netherlands and Spain with the locals (who much to my surprise almost uniformly rooted for the dutch), helping a baby bird off the road and the daily drive past one or two ladies siting at the end of our road for which the only logical explanation for their daily presence in the middle of nowhere was prostitution, though we never did attempt to confirm that.

Jazz Fest

Baby Bird


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