December 28, 2009

My dad and i traveled to Reykjavik Iceland during a short break off of school. Unfortunately this meant    we only had 4 days in Iceland itself but for such a short time we managed to do quite a lot and a lot of what we did was completely new to me. On the first day we came there we settled into our hotel and went out to get dinner. Following my dads travel guide, we ended up in a small building right by the water which sold primarily seafood. It was a very small quaint fishing place littered with old fishing supplies and the obligatory Coca cola fridge filled with modern soft drinks. We sat on small cushioned benches and wooden tables. It was all very tight but that just added to the feel of the place which can only be described by the dutch word “gezellig”.  Atmospheric would be the closest relative in this situation. We ended up eating a soup of sorts it was either a lobster, shrimp, crab soup. Which one i frankly cannot remember but it was not my thing in the first place. What i was curious to try however was the minke whale, which was served on a stick much like you would eat sate.  The taste was interesting though not entirely unusual, it was almost like salty beef. Something i would not mind having again, though nothing i would kill to have again.

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Mafia Party Photoshoot

October 11, 2009

A few weeks ago we (the photo club in my university) were asked to do a photoshoot for a mafia party that would be held in one of the schools dorms, the Roggeveenhof. We of course agreed though in all honesty none of us (there were 4) knew what we were doing.  It was a shot that would be taken at 20:00 at night with the only natural lighting being the streetlights. This meant we had to use our cameras flashes As none of us had any form of external lighting.

I decided to try using a technique called slow sync flash. Which allows me to combine the flash from my camera with the natural lighting, the street lights.  Having not done this before i was unsure of how high i would need to crank the ISO to get decent unblurred shots. It turns out i needed to go with an ISO of 1250 which in the circumstances actually somewhat added to the photos i feel.

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British Columbia – Canada

September 30, 2009

I returned from Canada about 4 weeks ago and promptly had to start University so I’ve been rather busy to say the least. I got off to a rather rough start, the first week i lived without lights and hot water, but it’s slowly coming together.  I don’t yet have my photo equipment here yet, but I’ve joined the university’s photo committee and was elected as treasurer so even in university i will not stop taking pictures.

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July 26, 2009

Around the same time last year my family and i made a trip to the east coast of Australia. Whilst this wasn’t my first trip to Australia it was my first trip where we spent a bit more time in the nature as opposed to focusing on friends. It had also been about 6 months since i had received my DSLR and thus was the first time i would be able to use it to photograph an environment completely different to that of Holland.  Before heading to Australia we made a stop over in Singapore for a few days to get reacquainted with where i was born. In Singapore is also where i bought my first lens that didn’t come with the Camera. A macro lens, the Nikon 105mm f2.8. At the time i knew allot less than i thought i did when it came to macro photography. Or well in fact photography as a whole.

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Home made Lightbox

July 3, 2009

I was browsing Strobist, an off camera flash photography blog, the other day when i saw an article about a DIY Macro studio. link It advertised Building a lightbox for under $10. Which roughly convertes to under 6 euros. A lightbox, lightent or Macro Studio, is essentially a container of sorts where you place your subject, depending on the size of the box your subject size will vary but generally these boxes are reserved for smaller sized objects. In otherwords you wont be taking pictures in of your car in one of these anytime soon. Read the rest of this entry »

Hey isnt that Geert Wilders? (Dutch Politician)

June 13, 2009

This happened to me the other day. I was walking on a shopping street in Rotterdam with a friend when we look to our left where we see a group of perhaps 20 people. 2 of these people where holding massive video cameras a few more had microphones, it looked like some of the people from there where with the press, then you had about 3 or more bodyguards and in the center of all this mess was a tall middle aged blond haired guy. Read the rest of this entry »

Blast into the past – Italy

June 9, 2009

As terrible as it might, and probably is sounding as my first blog post is going to be of a series that I’m going to call blast into the past. Anyone who has taken photographs for a long amount of time or is simply very passionate about photography will have tens  of thousands of photographs in their archives, many probably into the hundreds of thousands. With all of these photographs its hard to remember exactly what shots you’ve taken over the past years and for whatever reason you’ll probably have a quick peak at your old photographs. Every once in a while you rediscover a shot that you had taken then and thought wow this one is really good how on earth did i manage to pass this one up. Personally I’ve just been reorganizing all of my files adding taggs and what not to them and every once in a while i passed up an image which i really liked and for some reason or another seemed to have passed up. This series of blogs will cover and showcase those images and I’ll tell you a little bit about them if i can still remember what was going on at the time.  The first few in this series will be a quick flashback to recent vacations I’ve had, later it will be single images.

For the first post i figured it would be fitting to look at the Italy trip that launched my interest in photography

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