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Tour de France – Rotterdam

July 5, 2010

Just a few months after seeing the Giro d’Italia coming by my apartment comes another much bigger bike race, the Tour de France. As my dad has always been interested in the Tour I am relatively familiar with it and a few of the big name riders, a few of which I saw in Middelburg. There were tour related events happening from the 1-4 of July though the two biggest days were easily the 3rd and the 4th. On the 3rd of July there was the prologue, which was a time trail and on the 4th was the 1st stage.



Giro d’Italia Middelburg

May 10, 2010

Unfortunately I’m nearing the end of the semester which means papers, exams and presentations galore. This¬† meant that i had to miss many of the festivities in Middelburg and i would have liked to have presented a more complete picture of the Giro in Middelburg. None the less right after class i raced to the first section of the course which wasn’t full with people and waited for the bikers to come. Luckily i had a pretty decent location (by that i mean it wasn’t too busy)¬† considering the amount of time i could spend waiting. The Giro apparently pulled in 75,000 spectators which is quite significant considering Middelburg itself only has about 35,000 inhabitants.