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London Olympic Games

August 17, 2012

The London Olympics marks, or marked, the first time the Olympics have come to our rough vicinity. With a hop skip and a jump we could make it to London. Taking 5 hours from door to door by train, you really can’t get much better. As luck would have it I have parents who are interested in the Olympics and are willing to put up with me and my sibling for a week as well as extended family who let us into their house. Anyway we took the train bumped around Belgium and France before going under the channel and got to London, yay.
Before going I was more or less ignorant of all things Olympic, I knew some of the athletes, was vaguely aware of the sports we would be watching and knew there was some deal with several countries having houses.



Giro d’Italia Middelburg

May 10, 2010

Unfortunately I’m nearing the end of the semester which means papers, exams and presentations galore. This¬† meant that i had to miss many of the festivities in Middelburg and i would have liked to have presented a more complete picture of the Giro in Middelburg. None the less right after class i raced to the first section of the course which wasn’t full with people and waited for the bikers to come. Luckily i had a pretty decent location (by that i mean it wasn’t too busy)¬† considering the amount of time i could spend waiting. The Giro apparently pulled in 75,000 spectators which is quite significant considering Middelburg itself only has about 35,000 inhabitants.